About Angiras


ANGIRAS stands for the Network of Indian Alumni from German Universities for Sustainable Solutions, which is a registered not-for-profit organisation initiated by the Indian alumni graduated from the two German Universities, viz. the University of Flensburg and the University of Oldenburg.


Angiras, nominative singular Angirā, is a Vedic rishi (or sage) who, along with sage Atharvan, is credited to have formulated most of the fourth Veda called Atharvaveda. He is also mentioned in the other three vedas. Sometimes he is reckoned as one of the Seven Great Sages, or saptarishis of the first Manvantara, with others being, Marichi, Atri, Pulaha, Kratu, Pulastya, and Vashishtha.

The name Angirasas is applied generically to several Puranic individuals and things; a class of Pitris, the ancestors of man according to Hindu Vedic writings, and probably descended from the sage Angiras. In the Rigveda, Agni is sometimes referred to as Angiras or as a descendant of Angiras. In the Rigveda, Indra drives out cows from where they had been imprisoned by either a demon (Vala) or multiple demons (the Panis) and gifts them to the Angirasas. Mandala 6 of the Rigveda is attributed to a family of Angirasas.

Lord Buddha is said to be a descendant of Sage Angirasa in many Buddhist texts. Scholars like Dr. Eitel connect it to the Rishi Gautama.

There too were Kshatiryas of other clans to whom members descend from Angirasa, to fulfill a childless king’s wish.


Transforming and building vibrant and entrepreneurial India through sustainable energy solutions.


ANGIRAS recognises that energy poverty is one of the important reasons for the persisting poverty, especially in rural India. The lack of access to adequate basic amenities is denying the people adequate opportunities of acquiring good education, living a healthy life, and hence, compromising their ability to get involved in gainful employment. As a result, the abilities and talents in rural India are being underutilised. ANGIRAS believes that the energy poverty, if addressed through sustainable energy solutions, could transform the less productive villages and urban areas into vibrant and enterprising units. By bringing sustainable energy solutions into rural and urban hinterlands, ANGIRAS envisages to enable the poor families, more so, the women and children, to harness their innate abilities and earn a decent and dignified living. ANGIRAS is convinced that the sustainable energy solutions will trigger improved educational opportunities, better health facilities and infrastructure, which, in turn, will stimulate entrepreneurial atmosphere and transform rural and urban India into much more productive segment of the society. For this purpose, ANGIRAS provides an institutional platform for the alumni to pool their experience and expertise and undertake activities aimed at creating opportunities for the underprivileged


ANGIRAS offers a multi-disciplinary consultancy for projects related to energy and sustainable development, undertakes various development activities including organising events such as seminars and conferences, as also engaging itself in discussions and consultations on developing guidelines and policies relating to sustainable development.

  • Initiate, improve and strengthen networking, supporting, and building solidarity among Indian Alumni who have studied at the University of Flensburg and the University of Oldenburg, Germany.
  • Establish functional and institutional relationship with the University of Flensburg, the University of Oldenburg and any other German University offering professional courses in renewable energy and other subjects related to sustainable development.
  • Establish contacts, exchange information, experiences and knowledge with similar alumni associations in other countries.
  • Provide information and guidance to students aspiring to seek higher education in Germany, particularly at the University of Flensburg and University of Oldenburg
  • Create public awareness on renewable energy, efficiency, entrepreneurship and innovations, in collaboration with national and international organisations
  • Design and implement programs and projects on renewable energy and sustainable development
  • Undertake studies in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable rural and urban development, publish reports, bulletins and papers
  • Organize workshops, seminars, orientations and training events on appropriate technology, renewable energy and sustainable development
  • Provide consultancy services to individuals, institutions and agencies on different aspects of renewable energy and sustainable development such as human resource development, energy development and management, low-cost and energy efficient housing, environment management, planning and policy-making
  • Facilitate transfer of knowledge and technology related to renewable energy systems and management between the North and South
  • Lobbying for right-based energy approach as “energy is fundamental to all-round development”

Area of expertise