Ms. Mona Doctor-Pingel

Mona Doctor-PingelMona Doctor-Pingel is an architect based in Auroville since 1995. She studied architecture at the Center for Environment and Planning (CEPT), Ahmedabad (1984 -90), and has a master’s degree in Appropriate Technology from Flensburg University, Germany (1992-94).

She has a small independent set-up where she experiments with sustainable building technologies using local materials and craftsmen with a stress on client interaction. One of the key guiding principles in her work is the creation of buildings which are healthy (sick building syndrome) taking into account factors like electromagnetic fields, use of natural materials and earth energies. The inside-outside relationship forms an important part of her practice since buildings are not to be seen in isolation but as a whole with the surroundings. Her project, Yantra, got a special mention in the Landscape Design category in the A+D & spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards, 2004.

She has been actively involved in different planning bodies of Auroville. Before a few years she has initiated a series of Monographs on Auroville Architects and is the author of the first of these 3 monographs on the pioneering architects :  POPPO PINGEL, which has been released in 2012 at CEPT, Ahmedabad, published internationally by MAPIN Publishing house.

Ms. Doctor-Pingel is also currently involved in research on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, as part of a 5 year INDO-US joint research programme – CBERD ( She is the expert on Naturally Ventilated Buildings in hot-humid region within the framework of this research which includes professors and scientists from premier institutions in India : CEPT- Ahmedabad, IIM-Ahmedabad; IIT-Mumbai ; MNIT-Jaipur and IIIT-Hyderabad , in partnership with LBNL, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Oak Ridge National Labs, Tennessee, and Rensselaer Polytechnic, NY in the USA.